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Nothing enriches your travel experiences as much as learning. It's at the heart of why travel in the first place... to discover more about the incredible world we live in. And that's why learning is at the heart of everything I do here at Smart Effective Learning.

In the articles and resources on this page, you'll discover how to work with your brain, instead of against it... so that you can learn more, learn faster and take advantage of your new knowledge to make the most of your next trip. And we do this through tried and tested accelerated learning techniques.

Here's what accelerated learning at Smart Effective Learning is all about...


Learn to develop laser focus so you can learn more deeply and better understand the world around you. In the articles below, you'll find tips on how to develop and maintain strong focus whether you're learning a new language or reading about history ahead of your next trip.


Your memory is an incredible tool. And yet, most of us have no idea how it works. At Smart Effective Learning, I show you how to learn in away that works with your memory, instead of against it. So you can remember more of what you learn and use your new knowledge to enjoy the trip of a lifetime.


One of the best ways to improve your learning quickly is to start taking good notes. But note taking is not just a learning technique. It is also a way to capture your thoughts and better appreciate the things you experience when you travel. A pretty essential tool, if you ask me!

Master Your Memory

Learn to make your memory work for you, so you remember more of what you learn about the places you travel to.

Develop Laser Focus

Concentration is the foundation of effective learning. Learn how to develop laser focus so you can prepare for your trip in less time.

Learn To Take Great Notes

In these articles, learn how to take great notes that are both effective to use and enjoyable to learn with. The result... remember more!

Overcome Procrastination

The hardest part is getting started. Learn how to overcome your procrastination & start learning about the places you'll visit.

Other Accelerated Learning Articles

How To Be More Consistent In Your Learning - Use The Power Of Habit To Prepare For A More Meaningful Trip
How To Be Consistent In Your Learning and Prepare For A More Meaningful Trip

The Anti-Tourist Club

The Anti-Tourist Club is a training and support centre I have created for curious adventurers who want to do travel differently.

It is where people like you and I come together with a common mission:

"To put learning at the heart of our adventures and unlock the kinds of meaningful travel experiences most tourists never have"

Your membership in the The Anti-Tourist Club is your ticket to an ever-growing support network of like minded people who want to explore the world through learning.

Learn Before You Travel & Prepare For A More Meaningful Trip

In a world of  package holidays, hop-on/hop-off buses and guided tours, travel is becoming more and more shallow.

You visit all the “key sites”, stop very briefly, listen to a short and normally boring recording of information about the site and then move on.

But when you travel like this, you’ll never truly uncover the places you visit and understand what makes them tick.

At Smart Effective Learning, we do things differently, by putting learning at the heart of your adventure.

"The capacity to learn is a gift;

The ability to learn is a skill;

The willingness to learn is a choice.

- Brian Herbert -

Learning is the "antidote" to shallow travel.

Specifically, learning as much as you can about the people and places you visit BEFORE you go on your trip.

So that when you arrive, you can enjoy and appreciate every minute.

When you do this, you set yourself up for a real voyage of discovery, that makes your trip more fun and the memories last longer...

When you approach travel this way, you prepare yourself to…

  • Make new friends and connect deeply with local people
  • Uncover the more interesting “off the beaten track” places that most tourists never find
  • Develop a rich cultural and historical understanding of the world around you… and your place in it

So when you come home, you'll feel happy and fulfilled, knowing that your trip helped you understand the world we live in just a little bit better.

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MY TRavel Coverage during the coronavirus

Even though travel is on hold due to the coronavirus outbreak, I want continue to inform and inspire visitors to this site who want to learn about the world as much as they want to travel there. I believe that now is the perfect time to prepare for the incredible adventures we'll have when this is all over. So join me in using this time to learn more about the places you plan to visit when we can travel again.