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James is travel addict and life-long learner from Ireland, who speaks 5 languages and has travelled to more than 25 countries (and counting!) Through his blog, Smart Effective Learning, James helps curious adventurers create the lives they want with travel and learning at the centre of it.

26 Incredible Things To Do In Argentina: The Ultimate Guide For Curious Travellers

From thundering waterfalls to majestic mountains, from world-famous vineyards to awe-inspiring glaciers… Argentina is a beautiful place with diverse landscapes and a rich culture.   I lived in Argentina for two years and I’ve travelled to many different parts of the country. I still go back as often as possible.  I believe that Argentina has a LOT to […]

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Dealing With Disruption: How To Adjust Your Travel Plans When Everything Falls Apart

“We’re not going to make it on time”. She let out a agonised sigh, glaring at the departures board which showed a 35 minute delay. Around them, hurried passengers moved briskly through the station and the woman on the intercom loudly announced the latest schedule in rapid Italian. They stood there for a few moments, letting the frustration […]

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